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    Program of Safe Route To School


    CIMAHI – Government of Cimahi through the Department of Transportation Cimahi will carry out trials The The Program of Safe Route To School (RASS). These program is expected to encourage students to use bicycles or walk when they go and back from school.

    "Through this program, students can go and back from school securely and fun," said the head of Department of Transportation Cimahi, Ison Suhud to the reporters, Saturday (3/10).

    The Program of Safe Route To School, according to Ison Suhud, is the idea of the Ministry of Transportation through the Directorate of Safety Land Transport and Directorate General of Land Transportation. "The program has been applied in several areas, such as in Bali since March 2015 and was quite successful," he said.

    Meanwhile, Mayor of Cimahi appealed to parents not to give their children a motorcycle to go to school because they are still under age for riding a motorcycle. On the other hand the provision of motorcycles will increase traffic congestion on the highway.

    "Students generally have not had a driver's license (SIM). If they are given the motorcycle it would harm themselves. Parental affection to children should not be interpreted by providing their children's needs,” he told to the reporters.

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