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    Although Decreasing, West Java NTP was Still above 100


    BANDUNG-Exchange Rate among Farmers (NTP) of West Java in March 2017 (2012=100) was 102,37 or it decreased for about 0.16% than in Febuary 2016 that was 102.53.

    The reduction of NTP happened because the decreasing of Prince Index after Farmers Received the Products (IT) was about 0.08% meanwhile the Price that Farmers Should Pay (IB) was increased up to 0.08%.

    The Head of West Java BPS, Donny Herlando said that in March 2017, 4 sub-sectors of agriculture experience NTP decreased which were crops sub-sector that decrease about 0.55% from 95.85 became 95.32, NTP in fishery sub-sector that decrease about 0.25% from 101.41 became 101.16, NTP in husbandry sub-sector that decrease about 0.19% from 113.30 became 113.08, NTP in horticulture sub-sector that decrease about 0.17% from 110.56 became 110.37, while NTP in Citizens Plantation Crops increased up to 1.31% from 96.39 became 97.66.

    "In general, NTP is above 100, but still it experienced sagging. There should be special treatment for farmers since NTP represents prosperity rate," he emphasized.

    Meanwhile, BPS mentioned that in West Java Villages, household consumption in March 2017 experienced inflation for about 0.11%.

    4 from 7 groups experienced inflation, the highest inflation happened in the Health group
     that was about 0.63%, it was followed by delicatessen, beverage, cigarette and tobacco group that was about 0.59%, household group was about 0.36%, and clothing group experienced inflation for about 0.17%, while food material group experienced deflation for 0.24%, transportation and communication group also exprerienced deflation for 0.13%, and Education, recreation, and sports group experienced deflation for 0.2%.

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