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    The Building Process of Rawayan Bridge is Observed by the Governor and Sumedang Regent


    SUMEDANG-The building process of Rawayan Bridge that is located in Pasir Ipis Rural Areas in Karangbungur Village in Buahdua Sub-district of Sumedang Regency is observed by the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan that is assisted by the Head of Governance and Development Coordination Agency of Priangan Area with several related Heads of Regional Working Statition Units of West Java. Tuesday (4/4).

    The visitation of Aher is welcomed by the Regent of Sumedang, Eka Setiawan, Development Assistant Dede Hermansyah, the Head of Housing Department Gugun, the Head of Public Works Service (Binamarga, Water Resources, and Space), Sudjatmoko, the Head of Department of Husbandry and Fishery Ade Guntara, Camat of Buahdua Tono Suhartono, and all of the Stafs in the environment of regional assistant and the Heads of Karabungur Village.

    Building Rawayan bridge will connect two sub-districts which are Buahdua with Surian sub-district that it is initiationed by Vertical Rescue Federation of Indonesia Rock Climbing by using self-reliance cost that is estimated will spend about IDR 20 million.

    Kemal as one of officer from Vertical Rescue Indonesia (VRI), who is involved in building the bridge with 60 M as its length, revealed that after the construction has been finished, the brigdge can be used by citizens as soon as possible. "The construction only takes for 5 days, and in the next couple days it can be used by citizens," Kemal said.

    While, after observing Rawayan Bridge construction, then 600,000 fingerlings from many fish species are be diffused in Cikandung river. 500 seeds of trees are also given to be plant by citizens. Those are from Department of Husbandry and Fishery. Aher said that he appreciated VRI which had idea to build Rawayan Bridge that was done in West Java including in Karangbungur village.

    "The presence of this bridge surely will help citizens in order to go to other sub-districts. If the construction has been done, then it will become 20th rawayan bridges in West Java that has been built. However, in the future, there should be verification from Departement of Public Works Services so that the government will help the construction of Rawayan bridge with province's APBD or regency's APBS," Aher said that was agreed by the Regent of Sumedang.

    As accordance with spreading fingerlings, Aher expected that citizens in Karabungur village could keep the balance of biota in Cikandung river. "I hope that in three month, the fingerlings that is spread will be useful for all of citizens. Hovewer, citizens should aware to protect the balance of river's biota. And it is forbidden to catch fishes with potassium cyanide," he concluded.

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