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    Sindo Weekly Government Award 2017, Aher Received Two Achievements


    JAKARTA-The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan received the achivement of Sindo Weekly Government Award 2017 as The Inspirative Governor at Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta, Monday night (4/3/17).

    The Governor of West Java (Aher) confessed that he was thankful for the achievements that he was achieved personally, and in generally were achived by West Java Province. However, he said that he had worked with the programs that he was done for citizens' and societies' benefits. The achievement is only a bonus.

    "Yes, I feel so grateful. I don't do the programs for any achievement, but if someday I get ones, then I will feel so grateful. Hopefully, this achievement is a real starting achievement from God," Aher revealed.

    On the other hands, West Java also achieved the achievement of Sindo Weekly Government Awards 2017 on the tourism field.

    Related with that awards, Aher admitted that he was not surprised because although West Java is still lost from Bali especially for foregin tourists trip and visit, but the rate domestic tourists are really high.

    In 2006, according to Aher, West Java had succeed in proving that the domestic tourists were about 58 million people, it was more than number of West Java's population that was only 47 million people.

    "At the same time, we also have interesting tourism destination whether beach, sea, farm, historical tours, pilgrimage tours, culinary, shopping, and many more. Finally, we also have Ciletuh -Pelabuhan Ratu Geopark. Now, it is registered to UNESCO to become UNESCO Global Geopark," the Governor added.

    The Editor in Chief of Sindo Weekly Nevvy A. Hetharia added that the assestment on the inspirative governor had done by the editorial team of Sindo Weekly with other parties.

    The Chosen Governor will be assessed by his achievement becoming "change leader" or the leader who makes changes, and able to do improvisation fastly in various limitation. It shows the abilities of the Governor in producing innovations and high creativities as the leader.

    As for the assessment according to Nevy, it is started with research from many references, then the editorial team will decide nominees of winners in every category.

    The event of Government Award 2017 is the fourth time. It is also held coincidence with Sindo Weekly 5th anniversary.

    Sindo Weekly gives the achievement to the heads of regions which are considered eligible to achive it, from city, regency, to province level in several categories. The categories are education, health, infrastructures, creative economics, enviromental care, investment, public services, tourism, e-Government, and many more.

    "Hopefully the achievement that has been given by Sindo Weekly can improve the peformance and services of regional government in Indonesia," Nevvy expected.

    As for other regencies or cities in West Java that achieved the achievemets are Cianjur Regency in Tourism, Kuningan Regency in Enviromental Care, Depok City in Security Food Care. Ridwan Kamil as the Mayor of Bandung City also achieved the achievement as the Inspirative Mayor.

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