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    Tips For Making A Secure Space for Children, a la Netty


    CIAMIS-Everyday, there are 300 women and children become victims of sexual harassment. It is parents' duties to protect their children so that they will not become victims of physical abuse and sexual harassment. Since nowadays, there are many cases of abduction of children that happen in our society.

    In the event of Parents Gathering entitle Educating Children with Love or "Mendidik Anak Dengan Cinta" in Islamic Center Building, at Iwa Kusuma Sumantri Street, Ciamis Regency, Monday (4/3/2017). The Head of Children and Women Empowerment Integrated Service Centre (P2TPA) of West Java Province, Netty Heryawan, said that the high criminal rate especially that happens in children was a sign that the secure space for them became limited.

    According to Netty, it became worse since some of parents were not ready to be 'parents', especially those who had to marry when they were still children (underage marriage). They did not have idea of the values of their children, so that they had a bad perception about children. Moreover, some of parents nowadays preferred to punish their children when their children made mistakes, so that they tended to be afraid with their parents.

    Netty thought that those parent demands made the phenomenon of BLAST appeared among children. BLAST stands for Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stressed, and Tired. It will make children loss their trust of their parents and families, so that they will be looking for comfort besides from their homes. It affects to their life, they will not get achievement since they are affected with current era and trends, such as drugs and promiscuity.

    The Regent of Ciamis Regency, Iing Syam Arifin agreed with Netty. She also said that parents should be given the detail lesson to protect their children, especially mothers, because she thought most of children relied on their mothers.

    "In protecting children, a mother has an important role, including their education," Iing concluded.

    "Human's life starts from birth to death is a long journey. So, it should not be in vain," she said again.

    To avoid the effects of BLAST phenomenon, Netty suggested that parents should make a secure space in their families. One of the way is to be unified and harmonious parents, loving with whole-hearted, and listening more. "We have two ears and one mouth so that we should listen more than speak," Netty said.

    Parents should be a best friend for their children and following their development, especially when their daugther are having their periods or their sons are having noctural orgasm. "We should introduce the name of their reproduction systems appropriately, even if we can, we should explain hormonal changes that happen when children are going to be teenagers," Netty explained.

    Finally, Netty sugessted that parents should keep monitoring their children, guding them creatively so that they wanted to study. It would be perfect, if the efforts are accompanied with prayers.

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