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    Here are the Reasons why South Australia Wants to Cooperate with West Java


    BANDUNG - Minister of Trade and Industry of South Australia, Martin Hamilton Smith explained several factors which make Australia establish a cooperation with West Java. Smith considers West Java to have a strategic role in the economic growth in Indonesia.

    "What makes us happy to be here is that we're actually aware of the importance of West Java and Bandung as the hottest player in Indonesia and we're very aware of the important role of West Java in Indonesia's economy," he told reporters in Bandung, Monday (04/03/2017).

    The cooperation which has been established for 20 years is considered very important as a few days ago there was a ground-breaking ceremony for the art installation carried out by two artists from two countries, namely Steven Cybulka from Australia and Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo from West Java.

    "Actually, what has been made by the two artists is a stronger bridge of cooperation indicating that the 20-year cooperation will continue in the future," he said.

    Smith further said that what is being done by the two young artists is actually a symbol which shows that the artwork will continue and be handed down in the future.

    "Indonesia plays an important role in this cooperation in the future," he added.

    In addition, Smith explained that Australia and West Java have the same challenges of clean water since some dirty water lines are still found. As for the environment which is the biggest challenge to be faced together is the realization of renewable energy.

    Smith views West Java as a defence province by having qualified defence industriess which make West Java have an increasingly significant role.

    Meanwhile, in the education sector, a few years ago by the Treaty of Colombo, lots of Indonesian students or college students had received their education in Australia and vice versa.

    "We hope the Indonesian students can promote the existing campuses in Australia and vice versa," he said. (MAT)

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