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    West Java as the Real Face of Indonesia: Smith


    BANDUNG - Minister of Trade and Industry of South Australia, Martin Hamilton Smith shared his experience of visiting Indonesia. He said it was a precious moment. The first time he came to Indonesia in 1974, most people being asked about Indonesia knew it very well and they were familiar with Jakarta, one of the big cities which is very beautiful. However, if we are traveling outside Jakarta, for example to Bandung or West Java, we will find the real Indonesia, that is a different Indonesia known by most people.

    "West Java people are friendlier. For example, Mr. Governor and of course other people are very nice," said Smith while giving a speech during the event of the South Australian Business Delegations Visit to West Java in the West Hall of Sate Building, Bandung, Monday (4/3/2017).

    Smith explained that the first time he came to Indonesia in 1974, he was at the age of 19. At that time, there was a cadet exchange program or an exchange between Australian soldiers and the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy (AKABRI). "It was the first time I knew the people of Indonesia and became their good friends," he said.

    Indonesia is the closest country and having a very good relation with Australia. Due to such factors, the close relationship is expected to be always firm in the future. Even though the cooperation is established between a Province and a State, but it is likely to strengthen the cooperation at the national level.

    "The cooperation between West Java and Australia is subnational, but the cooperation among society-based provinces, states, and cities will strengthen the cooperation at the national level," he said. (MAT)

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