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    Vice Governor Views UNBK as 100% Ready


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar surveyed the implementation of Computer-based National Exam (UNBK) at SMKN 15 and SMKN 5 Bandung, Monday (04/03/2017).

    From his observation, Deddy views the schools as not having any problems that need to be worried about, such as the Internet network problems, power supplies and computer equipment.

    "Everything is okay. The students also look cheerful and enthusiastic. I think here's been 100% ready," said Deddy.

    He also ensures there will not be leaked exam questions until the UNBK of the Vocational High School (SMK) level finish on April 6th, 2017.

    "There will be no leaked questions. The students are also all healthy, nobody doesn't come in," he said.

    However, it is different from the situation in a number of rural areas in West Java. There are 10 percent of the total 1,941 vocational schools in West Java which still carry out the test method of UNKP or Paper-based National Examination.

    Deddy said that the main problem is the unavailability of the Internet or a blank spot. He has instructed the Department of Education of West Java (Disdik Jabar) to collect data about which areas are still having network troubles, and then to increase the cooperation with provider.

    "This is what causes us to be 90 percent, but this is already quite good compared to other areas. I have ordered Disdik Jabar to always keep in touch with the network provider," said the Vice Governor.

    He is optimistic that next year the entire area in West Java will be able to implement UNBK in order to realize West Java as a Cyber Province.

    "Our target next year is 100 percent of West Java areas implement UNBK," he said.

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