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    West Java and South Australia to Implement the Cooperation of Sister Province


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan welcomes the South Australia delegations of trade affairs, investment, and defence industries, led by the Minister of Trade and Industry of Australia, Martin Hamilton Smith.

    The visit of the delegations aims to implement the partnership of Sister Province between West Java and South Australia. Some agenda to be done were a ground-breaking ceremony of Public Art Work and the signing of the 'Implementing Arrangement' between departments and agencies.

    "We are grateful that today we can carry out a variety of signing of the cooperation between West Java and South Australia in various fields. To be counted, the cooperation of sister province has been established for 20 years. Now we turn it on again. We also frequently visit each other, from West Java to South Australia, and vice versa," said Aher in Gasibu, Monday (04/03/2017).

    The Public Art Work has been designed with the concept of "Passage of Sound" or Crossing Sound, an interactive work visual art that will be set up in one corner of Gasibu. Through the concept, it is expected that the artwork can be an interactive installation which is able to entertain people actively and become an aesthetic enhancer on the Public Open Space.

    The ground-breaking ceremony was carried out by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan along with the Minister of Trade and Industry of Australia, Martin Hamilton Smith.

    "The establishment of Public Art Work aims to build the visual identity of sister province cooperation which is expected to inspire the activities within the scope of other cooperation. The final result of this project is a visual art installation to be built in Gasibu, Bandung, West Java," Aher explained.

    The art work is a collaboration between contemporary artist from West Java, Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo and Steven Cybulka from Australia. The artwork which will be a new landmark in Gasibu, is built using a metal used to make the gamelan instruments of the Saron, i.e. brass and bronze.

    Moreover, the existence of this art building will be formed like a monument which results in formations of resonance graphics or sound waves. If it is hit, it will produce the sound of a traditional Sundanese scales, i.e. Da Mi Na Ti La Da, as well as other scales.

    Meanwhile, the signing of the 'Implementing Arrangement' is done between the Department of West Java Regional Library with the SA State Library, TAFE SA with the Islamic Fashion Institute, and Ironwood with IPDN.

    As for all the cooperation objectives do is to improve service to the community through:
    A. Improving the quality of human resources with apprenticeship programs and training of fishermen from West Java implemented by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources of West Java Province with Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy (AMFA).
    B. Improving the quality of implementation of scientific research into public policy through a program of Joint Research implemented by BP3IPTEK of West Java Province with Flinders University, South Australia.
    C. Conducting promotion of export commodity from West Java through exhibition and business forum.
    D. Improving environmental sustainability of West Java through various approaches to art, culture and tourism which include promotion activities of ecotourism, conservation campaign of Urban Open Space area, and improvement of the quality of geopark tourism facilities. These activities are initiated by the Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province collaboratively with the Adelaide Festival Center Trust, South Australia.
    E. Adopting the Premier's Reading Challenge Program into West Java Leader's Reading Challenge which aims to promote a culture of literacy among students in West Java.

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