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    Provincial Government Commits to Facilitating Homecoming Flow


    BANDUNG - Government of West Java Province is committed to continuing to resolve the problem of congestion and to reduce the number of traffic accidents during Idul Fitri homecoming (mudik) tradition this year. One way that is done by the Provincial Government of West Java is to make intensive preparations and to establish greater coordination early with a number of agencies such as the police, the Department of Transportation, Organization of Land Transportation Owners (Organda), and other related agencies.

    Regional Secretary of West Java, Iwa Karniwa said that West Java as a crossing area for homecoming tradition has been continually striving to improve various things, especially deficiencies in preparation for homecoming in order to reduce congestion, to reduce the number of accidents and to provide comfort for homeward travellers who crossed the region of West Java.

    Iwa explained that the government makes every effort to overcome the problems one by one that frequently arise during the Idul Fitri season. One of the priorities of West Java province, said Iwa, is to deal with the points or vertices of congestion in pathways crossed by travellers.

    "We, along with the Provincial Police Commands of West Java and other related agencies, are working to overcome the 14 points of congestion in the North Coast Road as well as some of the congestion points in the tracks from Bandung to Tasikmalaya. The points of congestion in two main homecoming route in West Java is caused by ‘Pasar Tumpah’ (traditional markets which spill onto the surrounding streets)," said Iwa after holding a coordination meeting with the Coordinating Minister for Maritime, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, on Monday (4/3).

    Iwa further said that the commitment to handle the congestion points has been directly conveyed to the central government. Moreover, the central government has been giving serious attention to the congestion spots in the area of West Java.

    "In addition to overcoming the congestion points, we also seek to accelerate the improvement of infrastructure. This is all for the sake of providing the best service to the citizens during the homecoming tradition. Insha Allah, with prayers and support from all parties, Inshaa Allah the homecoming season this year will be smoother and safer," said Iwa. (Pun)

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