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    Public Vocational High School (SMK Negeri) 2 Garut Provided 240 Units of Personal Computer in Preparation Computer-based National Exam (UNBK) 2017


    GARUT-Public Vocational High School (SMK Negeri) 2 Garut provided 240 computers. All the computers were stored in 8 laboratories.

    "We store 30 computers in each laboratory, equipped with desks, chairs, AC, projector, and also comfortable interior," said H. Baban, the Headteaher of SMK Negeri 2 Garut, accompanied with the Head Committee of SMKN 2 Garut, Ade Koswara, Saturday (25/3/2017).

    The readiness of the school made SMK Negeri 2 Garut became the best school in Garut Regency. According to Baban, from 162 public and private vocational schools in Garut regency, currently there are 37 SMK (22%) that are ready to hold Computer-based National Exam (UNBK) 2017. Moreover, there are only 38% of SMA/SMK in West Java that are ready to hold UNBK, Central Java is 80%, while East Java is 100%.

    According to Baban, SMKN 2 Garut is ready to hold UNBK 2017, which is taken by 633 students from 8 departments, where in its practice the exam will be divided into three waves. "Besides the facility of AC-room, for the smooth implementation of the test, our server capacity has speed up to 100 MBPS, and also genset to anticipate if there is any power outages," he said.

    In addition, the Head Committee of SMK Negeri 2 Garut, Ade Koswara, said that the complete facilities to support UNBK which are 240 computers, had been fulfilled after the committee evaluated last year national exam where SMK Negeri 2 Garut was not ready at that time. "The result of deliberation was that we proposed the procurement of personal computers," he said, on the sidelines of reviewing the computer rooms. He also added that SMK Negeri 2 Garut were preparing 8 rooms with CCTV.

    The school is also ready to help other schools to use the laboratories for UNBK. The 8 laboratories, beyond the UNBK, are functioned as language laboratories that equipped with headset and departments activity.

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