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    The Usage of Stamps was Only 2% from Total Business Volume of Pos Indonesia Company


    BANDUNG-Pos Indonesia Company admitted that the usage of stamps currently only 2% from the toal business volume of Pos Indonesia Company.

    According to the Director of Mail and Package Division, Agus F. Handoyo, the usage of corespondence that using stamps kept decreasing as the development of digital era.

    "It is inevitable that the development of digital era scrapes the use of physical corespondence that automatically reduces the use of stamps," he said in the 95th anniversary of commemoration day of Indonesian Philately at Central Office of Pos Indonesia company, Cilaki street, Bandung, Saturday (1/4).

    For that reason, Pos Indonesia company currently developing new business besides letters such as expedition and etc., to run the business.

    "However, currently Pos Indonesia company is still categorised as expedition, such as package and etc. Including the package delivery from private expedition are still in cooperation with us because our network are spread across Indonesia," he said.

    Related to the 95th anniversary of commemoration day of Indonesian Philately, Agus F. Handoyo appreciated the philatelists who kept the stamps popular through several organisation such as Indonesian Philatelists Association (PFI) and Indonesia Creative Philately Community (KoFKI). (Pun)

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