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    Aher Made Sure that UMKM of West Java Marketing Would Not Obstructed


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan had made sure the marketing of  Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise's (UMKM's) product in West Java would not experience obstruction. Since the Provincial Government of West Java through Department of Cooperative and Small Enterprise has provided the online facility.

    "West Java Provincial Government has provided the online facility for marketing UMKM's products, which is called as grouping. So the obstruction of UMKM marketing won't be matter anymore," he said to the reporters in Bandung, Friday (3/31/2017).

    The Governor of West Java, Aher revealed that the important things that were really matter was encouraging UMKM to keep producing their products. Beside encouraging them to produce their products, they also had been encouraged to improve the quality of their products so that it would be accepted by citizens.

    "Our concern now to encourage UMKM to keep producing their products and improve the quality of their products," he said.

    To improve the quality of UMKM's products in West Java is by fixing the packaging of those products. So that, when those products are put online to be sold, it will attract the market and buyers. Especially, the products that are put online have already had halal certificate, so it will be easier to be accepted by the market.

    "Just it, UMKM will be facilitated, so that their products can be marketed and accepted by the consumers. Just because it is UMKM's products, it doesn't mean it has low quality," he concluded.

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