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    There are Categories for Programs to be Designed: Aher


    BANDUNG - Deliberations to find the best and the most beneficial programs to the society continue to be done by the Government of West Java Province. There are various considerations which make a program set to be implemented. The designed program is activities which have a purpose to solve the problem at hand.

    It was said by Aher during a teleconference at Pakuan Building, Bandung, Thursday (03/30). Aher did the Teleconference of Pre Musrenbang Region III Cirebon accompanied by Regional Assistant (Asda) 1, Kusmayadi and Regional Assistant 2, Denny Juanda.

    "Our Work Program should be formulated in a solid program criteria in order to be effective. Being effective means that it's highly efficient, has a broad impact for the community as a whole", said Aher.

    Aher further explained that there are a number of criteria which make the program have to be implemented. First, the program is to pass the critical point of the problems being faced. It is necessary to formulate the issues that fall within the critical category, in which this critical category will have a bad impact broadly on the society if it is not implemented.

    According to Aher, various problems and issues being faced by the Provincial Government of West Java could have critical points and not many, but they must be finished. One of the problems that fall into that category is about malnutrition. Aher said that the problem of malnutrition cannot be seen in the meeting. However, if we take a look deeply and directly observe it, the problem of malnutrition, in fact, still exists although there are only a few cases.

    "Alhamdulillah, in West Java, the percentage of malnutrition is below 2%; it's been categorized as a good percentage on a national scale, it could be currently below 1%, hopefully", concluded Aher.

    Aher emphasized that the percentage of malnutrition is derived from 47 million of West Java population, so that its absolute value of 1% of the West Java population remains high. Therefore, the critical point of such critical issues as malnutrition, food insecurity and poverty needs to be explored or observed.

    The second criteria is a serious threat. According to Aher, the serious threat is related to security. The Provincial Government of West Java have some worries with regard to the issues which affect the security. Although it did not happen frequently, but it is still considered serious. One example is the existence of motorcycle gangs in several places which results in victims.

    "There was a student attacked in the morning, even he went for doing dawn prayer, wanted to come at a dawn preaching. It might happen only once or two times, but this problem is serious," Aher continued.

    The third criterion is being dramatic. According to Aher, it means the problems are on the normal situation, but if they cannot be handled it will become dramatic. For example, the problem of food shortages which can cause death.

    The fourth category is a program that its good and positive values have a broad impact, such as educational program. Aher further said that with education, the long-term needs of human life will be assured. It is not only education, but health is also highly responsible for the long-term life of human beings.

    Education and health programs are the most extensive program and considered to be positive due to their impact on any aspects. Other programs whose good and positive values have a wide impact is agricultural and infrastructure programs, explained Aher.

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