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    Demiz Submits LHKPN to KPK


    JAKARTA - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) has submitted his official wealth report forms (LHKPN) in 2016 to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) at KPK's building on HR. Rasuna Said Street Kav. C1 Kuningan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (03/29/17). Demiz claimed to be surprised that according to the report his wealth declined by about IDR 2 billion in comparison to the year of 2015.

    When submitting the report, Demiz was welcomed by two employees of KPK. It was not more than 15 minutes, Demiz went out of a room on the ground floor of KPK Dwi Warna Building where the wealth report was submitted

    "From last year, they said that there is a decline. I don't know why it suddenly decreased. Where is it?" Demiz felt surprised and laughed.

    "It's being verified now. From the report it's IDR 36 billion. Last year, it was IDR 38 billion, but why it is now IDR 36 billion. I don't know where it will be. Hopefully it's useful," Demiz told the reporters.

    As Demiz informed, in accordance with the new regulation, states officials are not obliged to submit LHKPN this year. It is because the reporting system of LHKPN is scheduled to be online starting in 2018.

    "The important thing is that we've done our duty. Although this year it's not obligatory due to the new application, it's important that we report it periodically, every year. Also, in order that I know, O, this year I have this. We don't know since we don't count it," said Demiz.

    "So, no lies between us. After paying taxes, it's reported. Done," he said.

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