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    West Java BI Teaching Program Held at SMA Sukabumi


    BANDUNG- Bank of Indonesia (BI) of West Java held a school event through teaching and dissemination of financial system as well as new money in Indonesia.

    The event took place in SMA Negeri 1 Surade Sukabumi, The BI teaching event (BI Goes to School) was attended by around 600 students.

    "The event is part of work programs of Bank of Indonesia entitled" Dedication for the Nation "," said Regional Leader of West Java Bank, Juda Agung, on Wednesday (29/03) in a press release.

    Before lecturing, symbolically, Social Program of Bank Indonesia (PSBI) handed over 8 computers and 1 printer unit to the school.

    Before the end of the event, the event also presented a puppet show of a humorous sicepot performed by puppeteer Riswa to enliven the event.

    BI Teaching program is a series of working visits of West Java BI leadership that yesterday has made a coordination and meeting with the local government (Asda II and Disbudpar Sukabumi) continued by a visit to Geopark Ciletuh and surrounding areas.

    After the event, West Java BI Leaders continued meeting with banking leaders of Sukabumi at Hotel Horison, followed by a review to deposit cash in BJB Sukabumi. jo


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