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    Vice Governor Appreciates the Election’s Readiness in KPUD Sukabumi


    SUKABUMI - In the office of General Elections Commission (KPUD) in Sukabumi, West Java Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar expressed high appreciation for the readiness by the whole range of  Election Commission to KPPS who have worked to succeed the simultaneous elections in Sukabumi. It thus confirmed on Tuesday (8/12) after listening to the report by Chairman of the District Election Commission in Sukabumi.

    Meanwhile, Deddy said the readiness would be more meaningful in the election process tomorrow on Wednesday (9/12) to ran successfully. In addition to the principle that the voters using their rights properly, so that the community participation to involve in is high.

    Vice Governor repeated the importance of the neutrality of all civilian state apparatus. They should use their appropriate rights, and should not affect the community to support one candidate.

    Vice Governor reminded voters to caution against the possibility of "gambling" in determining the winner of the elections in Sukabumi. Typically, the existence of money politics is done by those who gamble in the elections. “Do not be influenced merely by "money politics", that hurts our democracy. Moreover, the cost of the election in Sukabumi reached Rp 43 billion, so that when it spiked with the political money, it’s so unfortunate,” said Vice Governor.

    “So therefore, I urge people in Sukabumi district to use their rights properly and avoid of money politics,” added the Vice Governor.

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