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    Up To H-3 Tickets are Sold Out


    BANDUNG- This year Eid tickets provided by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) of Regional Operations (Daops) II Bandung, especially for the departure of H-3 and H-1 of Eid day are already sold out.

    Public Relation Manager of PT KAI Daops II Bandung, Joni Martinus, said among 198 046 seats reserved for Eid transports in the period of 2017 for 22 days, about 39,067  tickets have been sold.

    "Tickets for favorite days of departure on Eid day are already sold out for departure on day three to day one before Eid day," said Joni at his office on Tuesday (28/03).

    According to Joni, similar to the previous years, on favorite national holidays for homecoming there still remain available tickets mainly on H-10 to H-4.

    "For other days, there are still plenty of tickets available. But on the fourth day before Eid day, the tickets were all sold out except KA Argo Wilis, "he said.

    Joni added that besides Eid days, Post-Eid tickets are also booked by train passengers.

    "EId ticket sales already take on H+1 or the departure date on June 27, 2017, which is one day after Eid day," he concluded. (Parno)


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