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    Kawah Putih as Long-holiday Destination


    BANDUNG–Kawah Putih which is located at Rancabali tourism site in Ciwidey still became the destionation to spend long-holiday in Bandung.

    As can be seen in long-holiday of Nyepi this year, Tuesday (28/3), Kawah Putih became the destination for holiday because Bali was teporarily closed.

    A tourist from Malaysia, Datuk Ihsan (52), said that he came to Bandung to see the beautiful Tangkuban Parahu and Kawah Putih which are famous in Malaysia.

    "We came with family to see beautiful Kawah Putih," he said.

    There are so many foreign tourists from Malaysia in Kawah Putih, also included foreign tourists from other countries who were enjoying the Kawah Putih.

    On the other hand, the vehicle speed to the tourism location is relatively smooth, even though there are an increased number of tourists who came to Kawah Putih.

    However, if you want to visit Kawah Putih, then you have to prepare a thick jacket or raincoat and umbrella because the weather around the tourims site is always raining. To approach the crater, you can use private vehicle or use ontang-anting trasportation that is provided in the location. jo

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