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    Vice Governor Demiz Reviewed the Rawayan Bridge that Connected Garut-Cianjur


    GARUT REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, observed Rawayan bridge or suspension bridge that connected Garut and Cianjur regencies on Cilaki river at Cipamalayan rural village, Cikarang village, Cisewu sub-district and Ciseureuh rural village, Cimaragang village, Cidaun sub-district, Cianjur regency.

    The bridge is a contribution from Vertical Rescue Indoesia in a programme of 1.000 bridges in Indonesia. With a length of 100 metres, Rawayan is the 19th bridge and there will be four more bridges on Cilaki river.

    "This is the longest bridge, so this bridge is special. Usually the length of the bridge is under 100 metres with only two pillars. This bridge has three pillars," said Vice Governor.

    "This is a great effort from Vertical Rescue Indonesia team. Together with the local people here to build this bridge," he added.

    Rawayan is vital as an access for the community activities both rural villages which are separated by the Cilaki river. Demiz also crossed the bridge that is constructed of bamboo, iron and steel cable.

    One of the local citizens said that the crops delivery and farming as one of their bread and butter for the citizens of both rural village. The crops are distributed to be sold in Cikarang and Cimaragang villages, and the delivery relies on the bridge. Previously, people use raft to cross Cilaki river with a one-way fare is 2000 rupiahs.

    In addition, the students from Cimaragang village the bridge is their important access to go to school. Their access to school from Cimaragang village is quiet far than go to school by crossing the Cilaki river to Cisewu sub-district. In Cisewu sub-district, there are kindergatens, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools that are not far away from Cimaragang village in Cidaun sub-district.

    For that reason, Demiz hoped that the citizens from both rural villages can mantain the bridge well. Demiz added that the bridge can ease the access for the students to go to school and food suplies for the citizens.

    "The concept of this bridge is together with the local citizens to build the bridge, for what? So that the local citizens can maintain the bridge. And now why the bridge is using bamboo, because there are so many bamboo here. So if the bamboo is damaged so it can be replaced with the new one, so it can long lasting. Insya Allah," said Demiz.

    In 1.000 bridges in Indonesia programme, Vertical Rescue Indonesia targeted to build 1.000 Rawayans in Indonesia. Rawayan will increase because the West Java provincial government will build about 600 Rawayans this year.

    "Thousand bridges from Vertical Rescue, it can be in a year or two years. The most important thing is that we can build the bridge which is funded from government, society, and etc." said Demiz.

    "From the (provincial) government will budget around 25 billion rupiahs for around 600 (bridges)," he added.

    In this ocassion, the citizens of Cikarang village had asked for help to Demiz to fix their village road wich is in bad condition. To answer their request, Demiz said that the government had no authority to build or fix the road, because it is the authority of Garut Regency Government. However, Demiz gave a solution to the citizens to submit the request to the Garut Regency Government and Provincial Government.

    "The head of sub-district can submit the request to the (Garut) Government, so they can submit the request to the (provincial) government. Because if they submit the request directly to the provincial government, we don't have the authority, we can be arrested. Because it can be advantageuos to the third party, so there must be a procedure that based on the law," said Demiz in front of the local citizens.

    "So you can submit the request from the village to the regency government. They will discuss further, the regency government submit the request to the provincial government," said Demiz.

    Besides crossed the bridge called as Silaturahim bridge, Demiz also had an opportunity to sow the fish seeds in Cilaki river. Around 8.300 fish from various kind of fish are sown to complete the food supplies for the citizens of Cisewu and Cidaun.

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