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    Governor Led the Saving Electricity Movement '60 Plus'


    BANDUNG- Governor Ahmad Heryawan led the energy saving movement of the Earth Hour 60 Plus program by pressing the switch button as a symbol of turning off the lights for one hour, on Saturday night (03/25) taking place at the courtyard of Gedung Sate Bandung.

    According to the Head of Environmental Department of West Java Province, Anang Sudarna, there were 70 spots in Bandung in which the electricity was turned off. In addition, the earth hour movement was also conducted at the same time in 13 regional regencies/cities in West Java.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan reaffirmed his support for the Earth Hour program while calling on all parties to make this program as a movement inherent in the society.

    "Let's make this program become a movement of people, one way is by turning off electronic equipment and unplugging the cable from the electrical socket, so that the electrical current will be cut off," said the Governor.

    "By unplugging the cable from the socket in approximately one hour, it will be able to save approximately IDR 10 billion, and the savings could be used for other purposes", added the Governor.

    "This movement is certainly not only for 60 minutes, but there is a plus, and the plus could have been longer", he said.

    The Ceremonial Earth Hour was conceived by young people who join in the community of energy saving under the guidance of the West Java Environmental Department.

    During the event, the Governor lit one of the candles that formed the letter 60+ together with the Head of Environmental Department and other officials of West Java Province.

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