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    The Employees of SOE's (BUMN) Must Benefit Society


    BANDUNG- At the anniversary, a number of environmental care, social, health, and educational events were held by employee groups of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) Tbk (Persero) known as Sekar Telkom. The event includes tree planting at a number of points, such as Forest of Mount Masigit.

    "What Sekar Telkom does is a very good example for all of us," said the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, after opening a Fun Bike event to commemorate the 17th anniversary (HUT) of Sekar Telkom on Japati street in Bandung on Saturday (25/3).

    He said the event Sekar Telkom held, that consists of 12,550 employees, and pioneers and affiliated with the Federation of Trade Unions Strategic of SOE, is an extraordinary movement and an inspiration, particularly, in terms of environmental protection, health, education, and social.

    "Hopefully, another BUMN will follow what Sekar Telkom does," he said.

    The chairman of Central Executive Board (DPP) of Sekar Tellom, Asep Mulyana, said that Fun Bike is a series of event held by Sekar Telkom to celeberate its 17th Anniversary. "This annual event involves thousands of people and shareholders," said Asep. jo

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