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    Vice Governor Opened 'Fun Bike' Event Held by Telkom


    BANDUNG- A group of Telkom Employees or abbreviated Sekar Telkom, celeberate its 17th anniversary on March 1, 2017, by a variety of events, such as inviting all people to engage in healthy living campaign in the form of sports and recreation, in order to support the productivity of employees and family welfare .

    The series of events held since February to the end of March 2017, will be closed by healthy living campaign in the form of "Happy Trails sports (Funbike)".

    "Other various events are in the form of 4R, including annual recreational activities conducted by Sekar Telkom by involving people and relevant stakeholders," said Asep Mulyana, the Chairman of DPP in Sekar Telkom, on Saturday, (25/3).

    He further stated that some of the events that have been held, or are still being held on the anniversary of Sekar Telkom in 2017, since February to March 2017 (2 months), one of them is national Seminar,

    Tennis tournament between SOE SP & Leaders in Greater of Bandung and other regions " Principly, all of these events were held in cooperation between United Employees of Telkom and Telkom's management support. In the name of the Committee, I thanked the management and the members of Sekar for the positive contribution to the 17th anniversary events, "said Chairman of National Committee of the 17th Anniversary of Sekar Telkom, Herman Teguh.

    Specifically for Funbike 2017, the event was opened by the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar. jo

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