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    The Governor Delivered Description Accountability Reports (LKPJ) 2016 on Plenary Session of Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) West Java


    BANDUNG-In accordance with the Law No. 23 year 2014 in regard to Regional Government chapter 69 verse 1 and 2, that Regional Heads are under obligation to deliver The Report of Local Government Administration (LPPD); Description Accountability Reports (LKPJ) which cover local government agency performance reports; and the summary of LPPD before the member of DPRD at the last three months after fiscal year ended.

    To fulfill the obligation, Friday (24/3), the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, delivered Introductory Memorandum of LKPJ 2016 before the member of West Java DPRD on plenary session which was chaired by the Head of West Java DPRD, Ine Purwadewi Sundari.

    The 30-page Introductory Memorandum was read by the Governor and Vice Governor.

    The points which are delivered by the Governer on the Introductory Memorandum of LKPJ, including regional financial management and development results based upon Human Development Index.

    On the Introductory Memorandum of LKPJ also explained regarding local revenue which sourced from locally-generated revenue, equalization funds, and other legitimate local revenue. The local revenue is targetted at 26,49 trillion rupiahs and can be realised at 27,69 trillion rupiahs or reached 104, 54%. The achievement of local revenue in 2016 exceeded the set target 1,2 trillion rupiahs, with the detail follows: locally-generated revenue (PAD) targetted 16,26 trillion rupiahs, realised 17,04 trillion rupiahs. In accordance with the source of PAD, altogether exceeded the set target from: Local Tax Revenue 104,76%, Local Levies Revenue 105,09%, the revenue from regional separated wealth management can be realised 96,34%, and other legitimate local revenue 108,32%.

    Meanwhile the local revenue from equalization funds is 10,62 trillion rupias while the target is 10,19 trillion rupiahs, which consisted of the general allocation fund 1,24 trillion; tax sharing / non-tax sharing fund 283,44 billion; and special allocation fund 7,59 trillion.

    Other Legitimate Local Revenue recahed 28,46 billion rupiahs while the target is 28,66 billion rupiahs or reached 99,3% which consisted of Grant 99,16%, and adjustment of special autonomy funds 100%.

    For Local Budget, consisted of direct and indirect expenditure. The Local Budget in 2016 was budgeted 29,49 trillion rupiahs and realised 27,62 trillion rupiahs or reached 93,66% with the detail follows: Indirect Expenditure, budgeted 22,80 trillion, realised 21,74 trillion or reached 95,36% which covered: (1) Personnel Expenditure 1,83 trillion rupiahs or 93,39% from the budget of 1,96 trillion rupiahs; (2) Subsidy Expenditure 14,99 billion or 1,24 trillion, and special allocation fund 7,59 trillion. Other legitimate local revenue 28,46 billion rupiahs from the budget 28,66 billion rupiahs or reached 99,3% which covered Grant 99,16%, and adjustment of special autonomy funds 100%.

    For the Regional Funding, consisted of: Regional Financing Revenue which sourced from the remaining balance of previous year local budgets with the budget allocations 3,48 trillion rupiahs, realised 3,64 trillion rupiahs or reached 104,75%. Regional Expenditure with the budgetallocations 403,57 billion rupiahs, realised 378,57 billion rupiahs or reached 93,81% which was used for regional equity capital to Agronesia Ltd, Agribusiness and Mining RC.(Regional Company), Services and Tourism RC., West Java and Banten Regional Development Bank Company (PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat dan Banten,Tbk), Rural Bank RC. (PD.Bank Perkreditan Rakyat), Microfinance Institutions Company (PT. Lembaga Keuangan Mikro), Jamkrida Jabar Company, Agro Jabar Company, Asuransi Bangun Askrida Company, BPR Intan Jabar Company, BPR Karya Utama Jabar Company, BPR Cianjur Jabar Company, Migas Hilir Jabar Company, BPR Wibawa Mukti Jabar Company, BPR Majalengka Jabar Company, BPR Artha Galuh Mandiri Jabar COmpany, BPR Karawang Jabar Company.

    Other matters that were delivered by the Governor on the Introductory Memorandum are regarding the Human Development Index (IPM) which was used by the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), the IPM in 2016 reached 70,19 point or increased from 69,49 point in 2015 which consisted of Education INdex 61,39 point, Health Index 81,05 point and purchasing power index 69,51 point.

    In line with the dynamics and economic challenges on the level regional, national and global, the development gains in economics field in 2016 showed the level of success that made us proud, it was shown by: (1) the rate of economic growth (LPE) 5,67% or above the national average 5,02%; (2) the inflation rate can be controlled as 2,75% or lower than the national inflation rate as 3,02%; (3) Gross Regional Domestic Product (PDRB) per capita at constant prices (ADHK) reached 26,92 million rupiahs or increased 1,08 million rupiahs than in 2015 which was 25,84 million rupiahs. Gross Regional Domestic Product (PDRB) per capita on the basis of the gross price (ADHB) reached 34,88 million rupiahs. The nenxt is, in order to improve the quality of successful development in economics and as an effort to realise economic equality for all the citizens of West Java on an ongoing basis, hard work and strong synergy are necessary between all stakeholders of regional development in terms of: (1) to lower the number of GINI index as 0,40 point; (2) to lower the number of poverty that had reached 8,77%, which still lower than the national scale as 10,70%; and (3) to extend the employment opportunity to control the open unemployment that had reached 8,89%.

    Next, The Governor explained the accountability report based on mission which covered: Mission 1, "To develop the society with high quality and competitiveness. Mission 2, to build a robust and equitable economy. Mission 3, to improve the Government Performance, Apparatus Professionalism, and public participation expansion. Mission 4, to create a comfortable condition and sustainabe strategic infrastructure development in West Java. Mission 5, to improve social life, art, and culture, the role of youth and sports along with tourism development within framework of local wisdom.

    After delivering the Introductory Memorandum of LKPJ by the Governor, the chairperson of the session, Ine Purwadewi Sundari, established a special committee (pansus) that will discuss further the LKPJ of the Governor.

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