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    Aher, "Paying tax, stabilizing the State"


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan invited tax payers so that they did not only report their taxes, but they also had to pay it.

    Aher said that the Government's stakeholders should become role models so the citizens would realize that paying tax was important. From West Java 1st level area which is Greater Bandung, to Priangan, Sukabumi, and Cinanjur, there are 2 millions of pay taxer that are registered. Only 50% of them have reported their taxes, and only 5% of them who have already paid the tax, Aher added.

    The issue was delivered by Aher wjile giving the Governor's and the Vice Governor's Annual Tax Return (SPT) via e-filling at Manglayang Room, Sate Building, Bandung, Thursday (3/23). Aher and Demiz gave their SPT and it was seen by the Head of 1st West Java Regional Office of Directorate General of Taxation Yoyo Satiotomo, and the Head of Cibeunying Tax Office Andi Setiawan.

    Paying tax is really important becauset the benefits from it will be given to the society by building infrastructures that can be used by many citizens. With the presence of e-filling, pay taxers should not come directyly to a tax office, Aher explained.

    "Paying tax, stabilizing the state. It is easy, you just open your laptop, connect it to the Internet, then pay the tax, and it is done," Aher said.

    Aher added that the budget of constructing infrastructures from the Central Government to Regionals or Cities Government was General Allocation Grant (DAU) and Special Allocation Fund (DAK) and 54% of that came from the tax. And also Own-Source Revenue (PAD) that was in the province and PAD that was in the regions or cities were from tax.

    "The tax is amazing, since it is a bread winner of state and regional spending," Aher continued.

    The Head of West Java Regional Office of Directorate General of Taxation, Yoyo Satiotomo said that in 2016 that the number of tax that had been pain in 1st area of West Java reached 86% or it was 26.8 billion from the target that was 31 billion.

    "The tax that we have received in 2016 was 86% or it was 26.8 billion from the target that was about 31 billion," Yoyo said.

    Aher encouraged to all pay taxers in West Java to report their tax and paid it immediately since the benefits would given back to the society.

    E-filling is one way to send electronic Annual Tax Return (SPT) that has done online and real time via internet at Directorate of Taxation's website or provider of SPT Electronic Service or Application Service Provider.

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