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    Not Only to be Preserved, the Environmental Conditions of West Java Also Need to be Rescued


    CIAMIS - West Java Provincial Government, through the Department of Environment (DLH) continues to encourage the establishment of Ecovillage, an environment-based society in which this year's target is to realize it in 12 regencies/cities in West Java, which is passed by the four great rivers: Citarum River, Cimanuk River, Citanduy River, and Ciliwung.

    The Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said the condition of the rivers which cross West Java region now has been affected by human's activities, especially by industrial activities, both large and small industries, as well as household industries.

    Therefore, Deddy said that environmental condition in West Java should not be only maintained, but also needs to be rescued. Then, the Ecovilage movement also needs an intense socialization.

    "Activities which very negatively affect the environment in West Java are for example, the activity of textile industry, industry of household, and the conversion of green zone land like agricultural land. Even a moment ago, there were reports that tofu factories also dispose of the waste into the river," said Deddy Mizwar, during the socialization event of Ecovillage at the Village Office of Panumbangan, Panumbangan Sub-district, Ciamis Regency, on Tuesday (03/21/17).

    Deddy further said the land conversion which happens frequently such as establishing residential zone in the area that are supposed to be the land of watersheds, has resulted in crisis of water during dry season. Unfortunately, when the rainy season comes, there will be floods occur in the lower areas since there is no more water catchment area.

    "The number of humans continues to grow, but the earth surface area remains unchanged (not increased or expanded). As a result, humans will gradually expose or destroy the lands which are supposed to be water catchment areas, or the areas which should be the conservation lands are converted into places of human activity," he said.

    Another example explained by Deddy is such a problem as in the upstream area of Citarum where occurred land conversion. The land was originally watersheds and it was changed into vegetable farms, the decline of water then directly went into river which caused increased sedimentation.

    Therefore, concerning various problems that occurred, Deddy encourages each regency/city to obey the Detailed Spatial Planning (RDTR), so that each development that will be implemented can be well controlled. Moreover, it will be well arranged of which areas can be used for the construction, as well as the areas that need to be preserved.

    "The solution is definitely to obey the RDTR," said Deddy.

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