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    Governor Inaugurates Ibnu Sina VVIP Unit 2 of Al-Islam Hospital in Bandung


    BANDUNG- West Java Governor inaugurates Ibnu Sina VVIP Inpatient Unit 2 at Al-Islam Hospital (RS. AI), Soekarno Hatta Street, Bandung, on Wednesday (03/22).

    "On behalf of the Government of West Java Province, I'd like to congratulate on the inauguration of Ibnu Sina VVIP Inpatient Unit of Al-Islam Hospital. Hopefully, this will increase services for the public," said the Governor.

    The inauguration of Ibnu Sina Inpatient Unit 2 was symbolized by the inscription signing and ribbon cutting in front of the Ibnu Sina Unit 2. It was attended by Chairman of the Al Islam Hospital Foundation, Prof. dr. Tati S. Yusron, Acting Director of the Hospital dr. Moch. Iqbal, and Mrs. Netty Prasetiyani.

    During the inauguration speech, Governor Ahmad Heryawan explained that among the non-governmental hospitals, Al Islam Hospital is one of the "nyongcolang" hospitals (it is a prominent hospital in terms of the advancement). Government's hospitals should support the presence of private hospitals. Without such a hospital as Al Islam, the government's hospitals will have difficulty in providing healthcare.

    “In addition to giving medical treatment or curative care, other important aspects are the preventive actions and promotion (communication and education). When I visited a region, I frequently met mothers. They were asked, 'Ma'am, what do you choose? You get sick but you can get medical treatment in hospital for free, or you choose to be healthy'. The mothers answered that they choose to be 'healthy'. Therefore, it is very important to create a healthy environment and to have a healthy lifestyle. A healthy environment includes the environment that is free from rubbish because rubbish contains germs. Therefore, I urge the doctors, in addition to providing treatment, to also involve in promotions by giving advice to patients to maintain a healthy environment and practice healthy behaviours. If it's from doctors, people usually obey it," explained the Governor.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan expressed his pride over the achievements of Al Islam Hospital, so that today they could inaugurate the Ibnu Sina VVIP inpatient unit 2. It is hoped that West Java Provincial Government can contribute to the advancement of Al Islam Hospital. Moreover, as an initial phase, the Governor has pledged to give support for the completion of the mosque which amounts to IDR 1 billion.

    Meanwhile, the Chairman of Al Islam Hospital Foundation, Prof. dr. Hj. Tati S. Yusron informed that the construction of the Ibnu Sina Inpatient Unit 2 is a part of Al Islam Hospital's master plan. After that, Prof. dr. Tati Yusron added that there will be built a five-storey building for emergency room, clinic and offices. It is to anticipate the increasing number of patient visits in which approximately 60% of Al Islam Hospital patients are BPJS participants.

    According to Prof. Tati, Al Islam Hospital now is pursuing the targets to be certified as sharia hospital, to be accredited as an education hospital in this regard in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine of UNISBA, and to be a leading hospital. To achieve the goals, Prof. dr. Hj. Tati invited all stakeholders to do their best.

    At the end of the event, the Governor accompanied by the Acting Director of Al Islam, Moch. Iqbal and the Chairman of Al Islam Hospital Foundation, Prof. dr. Hj. Tati S. Yusron, visited the newly finished rooms, such as the Chemotherapy Room which has 8 beds for therapy, VVIP rooms for Children Growth Clinic, VVIP rooms for childbirth and 28 Inpatient VVIP room.

    As informed by a nurse who served in Ibnu Sina rooms, from the total 28 rooms that have been ready, approximately 60% of the rooms have already been used by inpatients. The VVIP A rooms cost IDR 1.5 million/day, while the VVIP B cost IDR 1.4 million/day. The prices include the doctor visit, treatment, food and drink.

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