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    West Java Provincial Government Encourages BBWS to Resolve Flood in Rancaekek


    BANDUNG- West Java Provincial Government continues to encourage all parties to solve flood problems in Rancaekek, Bandung regency. Including urging Central River Region (BBWS) of Citarum, that plans to normalize three tributaries: Cikijing, Cikeruh, and Cimande Rivers.

    Moreover, whether it is the cause of floods or not, West Java provincial government also continues to encourage Kahatex to continue to dismantle buildings that cover the surface of Cikijing river.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar said that the government could not do much about the flood problems in front of Kahatex factory since it is under the authority of the Central Government through BBWS Citarum. The budget required is not small, so that the central government should borrow the funds and make a mature work plan.

    Furthermore, Deddy explained that process conducted to resolve the flood problems takes up to two years, so that people should wait until the end of 2018 to free Rancaekek from floods. "What is clear is that BBWS Citarum since the end of last year has been already working on it (flood), and they are normalizing three rivers," said Deddy when met after attending a meeting of Plenary Session of Parliament at the Parliament Building in West Java, West Java, on Diponegoro street No. 2 in Bandung, on Monday (20/03/17)

    "The budget costs a large amount of money or IDR 559 billion. It was a loan. Why did they start the project last year? Because we just received the loan, and we cannot immediately resolve the flood, we have the work plan to be finished in two years. So we must wait until the end of 2018," he continued.

    In this case, the provincial government can only do things related to coordination. However, Deddy added that DED plan to address the flood problem is ready to be implemented.

    "But we can perhaps help anyone liberate their land, we help to explain to the public. That's it," said Deddy.

    "There are matters that don't belong to our authority, we coordinate the measures. So it is none of our business. But we encourage BBWS to be quick, we actually have it coordinated before it’s done," he concluded


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