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    West Java Will Issue a Regulation Related to Online-based Transports


    BANDUNG- West Java Provincial Government will issue a Regulation (Pergub) regarding online-based applications for public transports. This regulation is issued with reference to the Regulation of Minister of Transportation (Permenhub) No. 32 Year 2016 on the Implementation of no-route Vehicle Transports so there will be equality between the conventional and online-based transports.

    Permenhub No. 32 Year 2016 will be implemented on April 1, 2017 and become a reference in order to realize harmonious relationship between conventional transport and online-based transports businesses. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) stated that all transport related to public needs must provide guarantees of any kind, including safety and compliance aspects of the needs of people.

    Therefore, equality in serving the community in terms of driving rules and laws should apply to all types of public transport modes. "With regard to quotas, minimum and maximum tariff rates will be set, then the online-based transport drivers also have to own the same kir with conventional transport, driving license must be SIM A, the tax also applies. No business can get rid of taxes "said Aher after attending a video conference with the Chief of Police, Minister of Transportation, and the Minister of Communication Related to Permenhub in West Java Police Headquarters, on Soekarno-Hatta street No. 748, Bandung, on Tuesday (21/03/17).

    Special Pergub that will be issued by the Governor of West Java will be immediately enforced and submitted to the Regional Government. Aher said, things such as quota or number limit of transports, as well as the min and max fare rules will be listed in the regulation.

    "The quotas will be set to limit the number of online taxies. We won't let too many online taxies operated in Bandung. There are also many conventional taxies. We are setting the quota, to prevent traffic jams and so everyone can compete with best services," said Aher

    "Then, the second will be to set up the rates. The governor will soon decide it in the form of Pergub" he continued.

    Related to the recent demonstrations frequently occur in several areas in West Java to protest the presence of online-based applications for transports, West Java police chief General Inspector of Police, Anton Charliyan asks the businessmen of both conventional and online-based transports not to perform any more action. Government together with the authorities, according to Anton has been committed through Permenhub to resolve this matter.

    "Now the government is already present to solve the problem and will implement Permen No. 32 2016 that set the procedures for tariff, determination of lease, determination of CC, quotas, taxes, and etc, so that there will be equality between conventional and online-based transports businessmen," said Anton after attending a video conference.

    "The online Taxies shall be enforced by requirements that apply conventional transports," he added.

    Therefore, in the near future, Anton will invite all stakeholders to sit together to resolve these problems. Related to Pergub that will be issued by West Java provincial government, Anton considered the regulation is important to be issued in order to guide the police in carrying out the task.

    "This regulation will be very important that can be used as guidelines particularly for the police to behave and act. Since the police cannot behave nor act in the absence of a valid legality," said Anton.

    To make the regulation well-implemented, it needs to be disseminated to the relevant rules of good public transport, so that in the future there will be no more strike of public transport that harm society. The existing rules also should be applied properly to the principle of equality or justice without any harm.


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