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    Aher Opened Annual Congress of PSSI Asprov in West Java


    BANDUNG- West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) officially opened the Annual Congress of Provinces Association (Asprov) PSSI West Java 2017 that was attended by the Executive Committee of PSSI Centre, 72 Voters of 44 West Java PSSI clubs and 27 Associations of District/city in West Java held at Harris Hotel Bandung, on Monday (20/03/2017).

    Aher hoped that the annual congress will result in strategic decisions that impact on the development and progress of football in West Java.

    "Let's bring a strong consolidation between the board and the heads of the regions in 27 Districts/Cities, hopefully we become the best PSSI Asprov in Indonesia," he hoped.

    Aher also asked West Java PSSI to continue supporting athletes and push them to a higher level and increase the power of football in all areas.

    "Because I believe West Java with a number of population as many as 47 million inhabitants must have a lot of seeds in the area, we just need to find the pearls," he said.

    Then the task of regional government is to provide all the needs including infrastructures, coaches and all the things needed to improve football achievements of West Java.

    "Of course we have an obligation to provide the means and all their needs," said Aher

    In addition, this year the provincial government is planning to open high school/vocational school specifically designed for student-athletes in West Java.

    "Hopefully this year around May or June at the new semester we will open SMU/SMK for athletes," he said.

    The goal is to foster student-athletes more specifically so that they will not be left behind when they are called to join Pelatnas.

    "This is important, by this mechanism their abilities will further be enhanced and they do not need to worry of being left behind," he explained.

    Meanwhile, the chairman of West Java PSSI, Sutandi Duddy said that the strategic decisions to be taken in the congress is to set up a committee including the approval of board selection for the management of West Java PSSI since the active ones will end their duties in November 2016.

    "All strategic decisions that will be determined at this congress will certainly have an impact on the formation, development and establishment of football in West Java," said Duddy.

    This annual congress also aims to evaluate the performance in 2016 and set the program for 2017.


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