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    Aher: No More Demo Held by Conventional Public Transports


    BANDUNG- West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the impact of the development of information and communication technologies today cannot be negotiable. One indication of the development of ICT is the presence of online-based transportation. According to Aher, it is not appropriate to blame on globalization or the development of technology that exists today. One of the ways the government handles the issue regarding disputes between conventional transport and online-based transportation is through regulation.

    It was reported by Aher when he was attending a video conference with the Chief of Police who was accompanied by Minister of Transportation and Minister of Communication on the implementation of people transports that was held in West Java Police Office, in Bandung, on Tuesday (21/03). Accompanied by West Java Police chief Anton Charliyan, Aher said that the government has come to resolve the problems.

    "No more demonstration of conventional public transportations or taxies, there should be no more conflict, since the government will soon handle, manage and regulate the transportation," said Aher.

    Aher said that there are only 10% of grab, gojek and uber that are licensed, while the other 89% are not yet licensed. Aher asked the owners of the application of grab, uber and gojek to discuss and commit to the government so that there will be no more unlicensed online-based transportations.

    Regarding regulation, in accordance with government regulation No. 32 in 2016 on tariff, cc determination (engine capacity), quotas, taxes and other matters concerning conventional transports, Governor of West Java later will issue a regulation that will be officially implemented on April 1 and approved by the date.

    Meanwhile Anton ordered all levels of West Java district police chiefs to sit together with the Transportation Agency, regional organization and the representative of online-based transportations in each Mapolres to let people know that the government is resolving the happening problem today.

    "Therefore I command all district police chiefs and the boards to sit down together with the Transportation Agency, Organda, and the representative of online-based transportations in each police station to be informed that the problem is now being addressed," said Anton.

    There are a few things to note about public transports for it is directly related to public. The first is safety element. According to Aher safety element is a thing that must be considered especially about KIR. KIR must be considered as it relates to whether a vehicle is permitted to be operated or not, as well as other safety elements. The second is equality element. Aher explained that anyone in this country has the right to try and earn a living, of course, they should do a fair competition and mutual benefit. Aher hopes there will be no liberal competition; do not let something new destroys the former transports.


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