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    Ferry : Provincial Government of West Java Will Build TKI Center


    BANDUNG- Head of manpower department (Disnaker) of West Java Province, Ferry Sofwan said that the Provincial Government of West Java especially Manpower department will build a 7 floor-building in Bandung. The building that will be named "TKI Center" will not only function as a dormitory for workers who will work overseas, but as a training center as well.

    It was reported by Ferry after holding a meeting with Japanese Sento Tadashi Kimura Cooperative at Manglayang Meeting Room at Gedung Sate, Bandung, on Tuesday (21/03). The meeting was held to discuss further cooperation on the development of apprenticeship in Japan.

    "There is land on Soekarno Hatta street near Terminal Leuwipanjang, we've made the DED (Detail Engineering Design), this year we are working on the IMB (Building Permit), yet we still don't have the budget, hopefully we will start it in 2018", said Ferry.

    Ferry also said that the construction of "TKI Center" will be arranged over time because it requires a large enough budget which costs IDR 110 billion. In addition to the building of dormitories, there will be built classes and training rooms for caregivers, cookers and housekeepers, as well as kitchen rooms similar to the kitchen owned by targeted countries so that apprentices will be familiar from the beginning to the conditions that exist in the countries where they are going to be sent for work.


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