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    Parliament Concerned on the Rise of Accident Numbers


    BANDUNG - Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives of Transportation Committee Yudi Widiana Adia very concerned about the rise of land transportation accidents. Thus, it questioned the government's promise to realise the Road Map program of Zero Accidents launched since 2008.

    "I am concerned with this occurrence accidents. In this week, there were two deadly accident in the toll Cipali that killed many people and also the deadly collision of metromini with KRL. This is proof that we have not seriously reducing the number of accidents. We have had program of roadmap to zero accident since 2008, but it is stalled. The accident is still high and 26 623 lives lost each year on the highway," said Yudi in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Monday (7/12).

    The Ministry of Transportation seems lack of serious to reduce the number of accidents, said Yudi. It seen from the absence of performance indicators by Ministry of Transportation to decrease the number of accidents in ground transportation sector. In fact, in RUNK road, the Minister is responsible for coordinating the safety of vehicle.

    "This accident shows that the government has failed to reduce the number of accidents. Therefore, the Commission V of the House of Representatives bill the roadmap implementation from the Ministry of Transportation," said Yudi.

    It is known, in the past week was occurred two deadly accidents. The first occurred at Toll Cipali with 17 people deaths; secondly was occurred in Tubagus Angke, where the collision between city departments metrominis-Kalideres with Light rail (KRL) that killed as many as 18 passengers.

    In addition, the death from road accidents in Indonesia during the last 5 years is still high. In 2010, the number of dead as many as 31,234 people. The number of accidents had declined in 2013 with the number of victims as much as 26,484 people. However, in 2014, the death toll rose to 26,623 people. 

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