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    Thousand Free Cups of Coffee in #Ngopisaraosna Vol 1


    BANDUNG-The event of #NgopiSaraosna Vol 1 was enlivened by 40 activists of coffee that were consisted of West Java coffee farmers and producers in Sate Building's yard, at Diponegoro Bandung Street, Sunday (3/19/17). They did not only attend the event, but also shared collision coffee (kopi tubruk) that had special taste from each land for free to every visitors who mostly are coffee addicts.

    The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) with his wife, Netty Heryawan, and the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizawar taken parts to taste original coffee from West Java with 4000 visitors. It was attanded by regional assistants and the Head of Departments in West Java Province environment.

    As a coffee addict, Aher kept praising the taste of West Java Coffee that had a predicate as the best coffee in the world, Java Preanger Coffee from Puntang Mountain.

    "Java Preanger Coffee was popular in the world. Although it is originally from Kenya, it is brought here (West Java) via an official path," Aher said in his speech.

    "In 1992, it had ever extinct because of plant disease. Now, it re-appear and had a predicate of best coffee in the world in April 2016 in Atlanta," he said proudly.

    Aher explained in detail about the benefits of coffee for our bodies as long as it was consumed properly. According to Aher, coffee could strengthen the peformance of nerves. Coffee could be herbal medicines that could prevent someone from Alzheimer. Coffee oil was really smooth and thick was used for materials of makeup that could make skin soft. Therefore, the issue that coffee can cause heart disease is undisputed.

    "Coffee can make heart pounding, there must be problems during its process. Coffee does not cause heart disease, so it can strengthen heart nerves. As long as it is not consumed with sugar," Aher said.

    "Let's introduce drinking coffee habit from West Java. Healthy coffee: no more sugar," he concluded.

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