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    Aher, "The True Coffee is the One to be Ground, not to be Cut"


    BANDUNG-The true coffee true is the one which was grinded, not the one which is cut. The true coffee is made from coffee beans that have been dried and ground into powder. The coffee powder is brewed with hot water, and then it is drunk without adding sugar. Meanwhile, the coffee that is cut, is the one which is packed into a sachet and it has been mixed with sugar and not good for health.

    It was stated by West Java Governor Heryawan (Aher) while delivering his speech during the socialization of drinking coffee habit. The event entitled 'Ngopi Saraosna' or 'Do Drink Cups of Coffee as much as You Want', Sunday (03/19) at Sate Building Bandung's yard.

    Thus, Aher said if we want to drink good coffee and has a healthy quality, then please drink the coffee powder which is originally from ripe coffee beans, being brewed with hot water and without the use of sugar.

    The coffee being drunk as it is, would definitely result in a good quality for body health. For example, to improve the blood circulation because the nerves are not blocked, to make the heart healthy, and to get soft skin especially for women. Otherwise, if you consume the cut coffee which has been mixed with sugar, it will cause various diseases such as diabetes, said the Governor.

    Therefore, Aher invited the citizens to get used to drink coffee powder mainly from ripe coffee beans by not mixing it with sugar.
    The socialization of drinking coffee habit was initiated by the Regional Secretariat of West Java which had aimed to invite people to love West Java coffee. There are 30 stands of coffee producer who came from different regions in which each stand served their own tastes based on their creativity.
    During the event, it was also showed a good brewing demo of various types of coffee by baristas. The Governor, Mrs. Netty and Vice Governor Demiz also participated as testers for brewing and choosing a good quality coffee.

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