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    Online-base Registration of Vaccination


    BANDUNG- The Chief of Port Health Office (KKP) Class II, Bandung, Ananto Hadi Prasetyo said he will develop online-based vaccination registration so patients can choose a location service that is already available in various areas such as in Bandung, Cirebon and Indramayu.

    "We will test the online registration so that people can choose the location of the service," he told reporters in Bandung, on Friday (17/03/2017).

    According to him, applicants who are registered in online database will be input into official website of CTF so that people can use the application on their smartphones.

    Until now the registration at CTF Bandung has reached 500 people per day, while Husein airport has reached approximately 400 people per day. He claimed that the service at the airport is uncomfortable for the patients.

    "We try to make the service as comfortable as possible with the presence of the CTF museum, while waiting for them to acknowledge health quarantine," he said.

    Ananto added that CTF also has implemented paperless registration system. We can just type our names in the machine provided then will be photographed at the location.

    "This is what distinguishes it from the old system of vaccination, in which it used to bother us by bringing our photos and manual writing," he added.

    He assumed that people still lack knowledge about the role of CTF, but so far the CTF has prevented diseases from entering Indonesia.

    "The presence of CTF museum and the services can increase people's knowledge of CTF," he concluded. (MAT)


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