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    Netty Upgrades West Java P2TP2A to be Pro-Victims


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY- The chairman of the Integrated Services Center for Women and Children (P2TP2A) of West Java Province, Netty Heryawan plans to streamline the performance of  volunteer service of P2TP2A to be in favor for the victims, so they are able to provide more appropriate treatment and assistance to the victims of violence. To maximize these steps, Netty cooperated with the Department of Child Protection of Women's Empowerment and Family Planning (DP3AKB) of West Java.

    "The performance of West Java P2TP2A is already on the track, it's just the performance that is not maximized," Netty said during a working meeting of P2TP2A which is entitled "Pro-Victim-based Care and Handling of Violence" at Villa Lemon, on Horticultural street No. 18 in Lembang district, West Bandung, on Friday (17/03/2017), attended by the Head of West Java DP3AKB, Dewi Sartika and former chairman of West Java BP3AKB Nenny Kencanawati.

    In order to realize the program, Netty hopes that there will be a similar Perspective among workers on the definition of violence, according to both PKDRT Regulation No 23 Year 2004 which states that victim is subjected to violence and/or threats of violence in the domestic sphere, and according to Law No. 27 Year 2008 on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which states that victim is an individual or a group of people who suffered physical and psychological violence.

    "We must understand that victims are not always in a state of injured (wounds)," Netty said.

    Netty also explained that each victim has its own type based on his involvement in the violence, whether it is nonparticipating victims (victims who do not care about the handling of the crime), latent victims (People who tend to make himself become a victim), proactive victims (those provoking the crime), participating victims (those whose make themselves as victims), and false victims (those who become victims due to what he made on his own) ,

    There is also a type of victims based on their responsibilities, that is unrelated victims (victims have no relationship at all with the actors), provocative victims (who are actively pushing themselves to be the victims, such as infidelity), participating victims (those who do not commit crimes, but his attitude encourages himself to be the victim), biologically weak victims (those who have a physical weakness that caused him to be a victim, such as the blind, deaf, etc.), socially weak victims (those who have a low social status ), as well as self-victimizing victims (those who become a victim due to his own behavior, such as drug abuse, abortion and prostitution).

    "Therefore, in order to provide an optimal service to the victim, stop look at the chronological and type. The victim is still a victim, they all should be taken care of," said Netty.

    Netty wants all volunteers and social workers in West Java P2TP2A to be qualified, that pose good morality, faith, honesty, integrity, empathy, compassion, and polite and professional performance, persistence, initiative, adaptability and leadership spirit. In addition they also have to have a creative, critical, communicative, and collaborative competence, as well as having good literacy skills whether they are cultural, technology, finance, or media literacy skills.


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