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    Zakat Collection Unit of Padjajaran University (UPZ UNPAD) Became the Reference for Zakat Management at College Level


    BANDUNG-Zakat Collection Unit of Padjajaran University (UPZ UNPAD) had a confirmed management by National Board of Zakat Collection (Baznas) of West Java, June 2016. In the development, the unit also officially approved by the Rector through Rector's decree No. 1182/UN6.RKT/KEP/HK/2016.

    The head of UPZ Unpad, Dr. Gigin K. Basar, M.M., said that UPZ Unpad as zakat manager in particular collected every source of aml such as zakat, infaq/shodaqoh that will be utilised through one-gate system. The unit is aimed to improve the the effectiveness and efficiency of zakat management services and also to improve the benefits of zakat for realising the welfare of the society.

    Dr. Gigin said that the main tasks of UPZ is the introduce zakat and give education on zakat, consult about zakat, register the muzaki applicants, receive zakat and deposit the zakat to Baznas, and help Baznas os West Java in distributing and utilise the zakat for the welfare of the society.

    UPZ Unpad is also in the middle of recording its employees to get Zakat ID Number (NPWZ) and finalising the affirmation plans of tithe with the rectorate. By getting the NPWZ and join the Zakat affirmation programme, the residents of Unpad will be compilled from their sallary every month.

    UPZ ad already set a roadmap of UPZ Unpad 2016-2020 to become standard reference zakat collection unit in college, specifically incorporated college in 2020 as the target.

    Hadiyanto said that the mechanism of zakat collecting by UPZ Unpad has two steps. For infaq/shodaqoh, the collecting, managing and distributing mechanism are done directly by UPZ Unpad. However, for zakat, UPZ is in charge to collect zakat and deposit it to bank account of Baznas and also NPWZ dara in Unpad. The next step, Baznas will deposit and distribute the zakat by UPZ Unpad. "It is a form of supervising cooperation with Baznas. Baznas is also ready to fund various programme related to UPZ," Hadiyanto added.

    The collecting mechanism, besides cutting from the employees' sallary, but also employees can transfer the zakat to the UPZ bank account or use QR code application e-Wallet or e-Money.

    Until now, there are 47 muzaki that have been recorded with a total amount money collected in 2016 is 37 million rupiah. UPZ has a target that first distribution process to the mustahik will be done in March the latest. jo

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