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    Aher Received Varieties Certificate of Tarabas Rice


    BANDUNG-The governor of West Java or Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) opened Coordination Meeting (Rakor) of West Java's Food-crops and Horticulture 2017 at Travello Hotel's Ballroom, at Dr. Setiabudhi Street Number 268, Bandung city, Tuesday night (3/14/2017). In that occassion, Aher received a certificate as a symbol of Taraban Varieties Rice registration from The centre of Varieties Plant Protection and Agriculture Permission from Ministry of Agriculture of Republic Indonesia.

    Based on the certificate Number: 251/PV/2017 that was established in Jakarta, on January 30th 2017, Tarabas Varieties Rice had been registered in The centre of Varieties Plant Protection and Agriculture Permission. Therefore, Tarabas Rice belonged to the citizens that lived in there according to the law regulation that was applied and written in General list of PVT, and being announced on Official News of PVT.

    West Java Provincial Government registered Tarabas Varietis Rice on January 4th 2017 on behalf of the Governor of West Java. Aher observed that the certificate was a part of his parties' effort in holding food security program, sovereignity food, and holticulture that was strong.

    "If food security comes based on our efforts then there will be sovereignity food. But if we think that it is okay as long as there is food, then there won't be security food," Aher said in his speech during the opening of the meeting.

    "Today, as the additional we've got the certificate. We are not from the country that has a certificate of food security and food sovereignity. It is still far away, although that we are given that blessing to be an argriculture country," he added.

    Tarabas Varieties Rice will be used to the need of special food. It means that the rice will be used for consumption in restaurants, hotel, and cafe. In every year, the import of rice for restaurants, hotel, and cafe reached 500,000 tons. Usually this rice is served for Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean food.

    "So this varieties are called Tarabas Varieties Rice. It is an idea from Ministry of Agriculture that they want the number of imported rice is zero. For special needs of rice , the ministry has stated that they will not imported until the 2016 production of rice has produced," the Head of West Java Food Crops and Holticulture Department Hendy Jatnika revealed in his report during the meeting.

    Furthermore, Hendy also said that West Java production of 2016 rice was really satisfying. In 2015, West Java contribution on rice reached 11 million tons. However, with supporting climate and good weather, and also average rainfall that was used well by the rice farmers. So that, the number of West Java production rice in 2016 increased up to 12.5 million tons with the area of production reached more than 2 million hectare.

    "Of course, it happens because of our contirbution and all of stakeholders in farming rice," Hendy said.

    Coordination Meating of West Java Food Corps and Holticulture in 2017 was held for 3 days, in March 14-16th 2017. The meeting was exepected to produce understanding and commitment in developing food security and sovereignity.

    "Let's make food coordination meeting can produce an understanding and a commitment that we keep trying that West Java will have food security and sovereignity. We should believe that," Aher concluded.

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