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    Michael Essien Could Introduce West Java to the World


    BANDUNG-With the purchase of a new player Michael ESsien was expected could give changes especially for Persib and West Java in general.

    The Manager of Persib Umuh Muchtar said Essien purchase became a gift for West Java Soccer and national.

    "The top star player in the world want to play in Persib, it becomes our pride especially in national sports. Indonesia soccer has recognized by the world," he explained.

    Meanwhile, the Governor added that purchasing of player with high cost had considered before by PBB Inc as the company who had Persib.

    "I thought Persib has been a professional team, since they have their own budget. It is good for national sport, especially soccer," he said.

    However, Essien could not make it to attend the meeting at Sate Building tower since he should go back to his country to manage his transfering document to Persib Bandung.

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