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    Aher Meeta the Bloggers Discuss of PON and Peparnas 2016


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) met about 50 bloggers from Kompasiana and explained the National Sports (PON) and Peparnas 2016 in West Java.

    Aher explained variety of related to the grand celebration. In a relaxed atmosphere in Jl Trunojoyo, Aher explained the details of this event. Starting from the cost of PON and Peparnas 2016 amounted to Rp 3 trillion, the reason why opening will not be held at Bandung Lautan Api Stadium, and why West Java was chosen instead of Banten, and much more.

    "The most important of these meetings we hope bloggers can participate to enliven it. Therefore, PON and Peparnas is a national intent, not only party in West Java, but also the entire of Indonesia," he said in Bandung on Monday (7/12).

    In fact, bloggers can proclaim to the whole world that this event is very high value. it’s involves sports as much as 44 sports with 753 gold medals followed by 8,585 athletes who will be reported by 2,000 journalists of mass media.

    "Moreover, the blogger is part of the effect social media today which very powerful. That is why we are so intent to prepare this event," he said.

    According to Aher, when answering questions from blogger named Hilman about the committee, he made 15 regents and mayors as Chairman of the Sub-PB PON who responsible for the 15 venue in West Java.

    Another bloggers asked how UKM participated in the event. Cher said it is very possible because these activities are open to the public.

    "It will be a board of curators so that only the selected UKM can sell in the official venue. The product quality will be tested to pass the quality control," he said.

    Aher also specifically asked the bloggers to be volunteer. It aimed that information can be conveyed more massive and not glued to the mainstream mass media itself.

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