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    West Java FKPI Prepared 6 Strategic Programs


    BANDUNG-West Java Coordination Forum of Inflationary Control (FKPI) had prepared many working programs in order to face many problems that would happen during 2017.

    The representative of Bank of Indonesia Head in West Java Province, who was also Managing Council of West Java FKPI, Juda Agung stated that there were 6 strategic working programs that had prepared in 2017.

    "Some of strategic programs have been designed by West Java FKPI in 2017, which are optimalizing 'PRIANGAN' which is integrated with e-commerce (e-PRIANGAN) through strengthening coordination between institutions or e-PRIANGAN system, broading the coverage e-commerce system and developing e-PRIANGAN on mobile version," he said;

    Moreover, according to Juda, the optimalizing Warehouse System through activating passive Warehouse System (SRG), Capacity Building of Candidates Warehouse Management and broading SRG integrated system with Auction Commudity Market (PLK).

    "The third, we need to develop Inflationary Awareness Village with broading sampling location of Inflationary Awareness Village which exist in all of regions or cities in West Java," Juda said in his speech in High Level Meeting of West Java FKPI and West Java TPID, at West Hall, Tuesday (3/14).

    Meanwhile the fourth was supporting comprehensive observation in order to strengthen basic policy of inflationary control; and the fifth, the improvement between regional cooperation, through optimalizing BUMD's role and also the sixth was strengthening synergy to develop regional ecominomic.

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