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    Juda, "HLM Sharpens 2017 Working Program"


    BANDUNG-The representative of Bank of Indonesia's Head in West Java Branch, Juda Agung stated that the High Level Meeting of West Java Coordination Forum of Inflationary Control (FKPI) and Controlling Team of Regional Inflation (TPID) from all Of regions in West Java was an annual strategic activity of FKPI with West Java TPID.

    "We hold this activity to sharpen 2017 working program," Juda as also Managing Council of West Java FKPI.

    According to Juda, West Java inflation in 2016 was 2.75%, and it was counted as stable than in 2015 that reached 2.73% and being re-noted under national rate which was about 3.02%.

    "Although West Java inflation is considered low, however inflation on volatile food still need to be alerted," Juda said in his speech during High Level Meeting of West Java FKPI with TPID from all of regions in West Java, at West Hall, Sate Building, Tuesday (3/14).

    Juda stated that inflationary pressure in 2017 was predicted would increase but still in the expected target of 2017 inflation which was about 4.1%.

    "That condition is affacted with several factors which are the effect of administered prices policy (adjusting electricity fare for consumers 900 kVA groups, administration fare of STNK and closed distribution policy of LPG kg) and also La Nina effects that is considered can affect commudity food product," he said.

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