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    Foreign Tourist Visit in West Java Continue to Decline


    BANDUNG– Central Statistics Bureau (BPS) informed that the arrivals of foreign tourists through Husein Sastranegara Airport in January 2017 have decreased.

    Head of Distribution Statistic Division of West Java BPS, Dudung Suriyadi said that the visits were recorded to be 9.121 people. There was a decrease of 59,30% in comparison to December 2016 which reached 22.410 people.

    Foreign tourists who came through Muarajati Harbour in Cirebon were entirely ships crew in which the total number decreased from 100 people in December 2016 to 96 people in 2017, or there was cited a 4,00% decline.

    In total, the number of foreign tourists who visited West Java in January 2017 was amounted to 9.217 people, decreasing by 59,05% compared to December 2016 which was recorded to reach 15.000 people.

    In addition to foreign tourists from Singapore and Malaysia, the number of foreign tourists from the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, and France has also declined.

    Meanwhile, there was an increasing number of the foreign tourists from China, the United States of America, England, Saudi Arabia and so on. jo

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