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    Aher: Flood Mitigation Continue to be Conducted


    BANDUNG- Provincial Government of West Java affirmed that flood mitigation in Greater Bandung has begun to conduct. All of the government involved have started working, even though there are still floods occurring in some location in that area.

    Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan said that the collaboration project to mitigate floods is a long-term planning, so that it does not only solve the present problem.

    "We're optimistic that the collaboration between the Government of West Java Province and five regencies/cities will have a positive effect on flood mitigation. Hopefully, the agreemaent among Greater Bandung will result in more impact," Aher said.

    Furthermore, some locations such as Curug Jompong are re-organized and there has been constructed Cieunteung Retention Lake. "Cieunteung is costructed step by step, it will finish in 2018. It has been started now. All of the finishing process will be completed in 2018," Aher informed.

    He also called on all parties to understand as a number of programs in relation to the flood mitigation continues to realize. The ongoing flood does not indicate that the government has not begun to work.

    "The occurring flood doesn't mean that we do not work. We're managing the budget. All regions have drawn up the budget well, and it can be coordinated," Aher emphasized.

    He also assured that the problem cannot be solved individually. "It's interrelated. West Bandung Regency and Bandung City are related to each other. The problem cannot be solved by itself. That's the purpose of the agreement among five regions," he explained. jo

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