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    West Java CSR Funds Reach IDR 226 Billion


    BANDUNG- Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan appreciates the corporate sector that has been involved in the Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

    Heryawan mentioned that CSR funds collected from many corporations have reached IDR 226 billion or it has increased by 100% compared to last year.

    "Thankfully, it has been collected IDR 226 billion or there is an increase of 100%," he said in front of the reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (3/14/2017).

    The CSR funds are allocated whether in the form of community empowerment, improving environment, reforestation, infrastructures, economic empowerment, school buildings, or community health centres.

    Aher urged all partners to keep working together with the Provincial Government of West Java and Regions/Cities to solve the problems that have occurred in West Java.

    Aher has observed that it should be done both by corporations and individuals. Thus, it was often called as civil society movement because the government was impossible to do, nurture or serve to solve all problems occurring in society.

    "With the presence of consolidation with many parties especially from corporate sector, then it is possible to do many things together," he revealed.

    The Governor of West Java further added that the corporate sector in West Java is encouraged to participate in CSR distribution in many fields such as health, environment, and economic empowerment.

    "We want the corporate sector's attention in the environment of West Java, especially for hygiene water," he added.

    According to him, the hygiene water program in West Java has reached 1000 spots, while in the last year there were 1200 spots added with the thousands additional points managed by corporate sector.

    Moreover, data shows that there have been only 102 corporations that cooperate with West Java Provincial Government, while in the last year, it was only 70.

    Aher reminded about the importance of coordination to prove that some problems can be solved via civil society besides via social movement and it also happens, for sure, through the national budget.

    "With this kind of collaboration, there are many things that can be solved including problems of social issues, economy, education, and many more," he explained. (MAT)

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