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    Menpan RB Hopes West Java Will be the First Province Establishing Licensing Mall


    BANDUNG- Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan RB), Asman Abnur, said that the government is planning to create a public service mall which is a combination of Regency/City, Province, and Ministry-related permissions that has been done separately. He hoped that West Java will be the first province founding a permission mall.

    "For example, if now each ministry works alone in the permission: the permissions from Ministry of Religious must come to KUA office, land affairs must come to BPN. Later all permissions will be combined as a permission mall that includes provincial, district, and various ministries permissions," he told reporters in Bandung, on Monday (3/13/2017).

    Asman reported that the government has submitted the proposal to the President Jokowi. This attempt is expected to be a model for various public services in Indonesia.

    "I have submitted this proposal to the President. Hopefully West Java can become the first province to establish this licensing mall," he said.

    Kemenpan RB is now planning its agency to be managed by only one Ministry. "The institution is being finalized," he added

    Related to public services, Asman Abnur is optimistic that educational system proposed by the agency for Human Resources Development (BPSDM) in West Java will have an impact on bureaucratic reform which is beneficial to the people.

    According to him, later the State Civil Apparatus is mandated to take minimally 20 hours of training every year.

    "In the future, the apparatus will be mandated to take a minimum of 20 hours of ASN compulsory training every year," he said

    This training is expected to reduce complaints from the public. Hence in the future ASN must be expertise and have skills, if necessary; they must be smarter than the citizens.

    "ASN must be cleverer, they must have excellent ability so that our nation can be more developed," he concluded.


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