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    Civil State Apparatus Must Be Expert and Cleverer than Their Citizens


    BANDUNG- The development of Civil State Apparatus (ASN) are absolutely necessary. Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Abnur Asman said today that he is planning to improve the quality of the ASN, one of them is that ASN requires a minimum of 20 hours training per year.

    "Therefore, I think the future ASN should have expertise skills, if necessary, they should be smarter than the citizens. So they are like machines that should be 'repaired' at least 20 hours if there a damage, " said the minister of RB Asman Abnur during a meeting of Competence Development of ASN Coordination in West Java Province, held in the office of Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) of West Java Province, on Windu street, Bandung, on Monday (13/03/2017).

    Therefore Asman stressed that the future of each ASN should have expertise or skills for their own field. In addition, Asman added that ASN also have to change their mindset from the mindset of 'ruler' to 'a servicer' for the citizens.

    "People now demands helpful ASN that give service for them, so no more bureaucratic model called 'priyayi'. Let's change it into ASN with 'hospitality' spirit," said Asman.

    Asman is certain that by the application of regular education system, it will score more professional apparatus.

    "BPSDM is a key to the success of ASN, so we continue to improve their roles. This agency improves quality of ASN. The pattern must be flipped, we won't inaugurate any officer before they are trained" he concluded.

    In this regard, the Vice Governor of West Java, Mizwar Deddy said that the reform of the bureaucracy as an effort to reform aspects of the management, and human resources personnel, demands the establishment of an effective and efficient administration.

    Therefore as a logical consequence, the ASN is required to have technical, managerial, social, cultural, and governing competence in their own fields.

    "The development is actualized through education, training, job training, seminars, and workshops," he said.

    Through these efforts, it is expected that it will score capable ASN who have managerial competency skills such as knowledge, attitudes, or behavior that is measurable in leading and managing organizational unit.

    As for the technical competency, they are knowledge skills, which are measured to be developed specifically within the technical field positions. Then necessary skills of socio-cultural competency are needed in interacting with citizens.

    "The point is that our ASN must be multi-tasking, which is also one of the important key in building the character of professional and competitive ASN," he added.


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