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    Menpan RB Thinks that ASN Quality is Still Poor


    BANDUNG-  The Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan RB), Asman Abnur, admited that the quality of state apparatus (ASN) is still poor.

    The poor quality of ASN is an evident of their educational background.  There are 4,475 million, 64% of the total numbers of civil servants (PNS) in Indonesia only have administrative knowledge. In the last appointment of civil servants, he reported that there were almost 58% of them are ex temporary employees.

    "Imagine, we have appointed civil servants without testing," he told reporters in Bandung, on Monday (13/3/2017).

    He said, ASN experts in mining field are only 0.03%. In fact, there are not many civil servants with master or doctoral degrees.

    "How could we run the mining, regulate employers, if the ASN itself do not understand," he said.

    In addition, ASN perspective also must be changed. Nowadays, many of ASN still think that they are the masters. In fact, they are only public servants.

    "No more officials with the aristocracy mental. They must pose hospitality, not thinking themselves as rulers," he said.

    Commenting on ASN condition today, he does not wonder if there is a number of complaints related to their service. Therefore, the government is seriously trying to improve the quality of ASN. Firstly we want to do through the selection and training programs.

    For the selection, they will increase the numbers of government school graduates. He also claimed to have been coordinated with other ministries related to the plan.

    "We won't only ask STAN graduates to work for director general of taxes or customs duties. Graduates from the College of Road Transport, could also be hired for the Department of Transportation, as well as graduates from nautical school," he said.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar supports the improvement efforts. He hoped ASN has the expertise as required.

    The man who is familiarly known as Demiz hopes that there will be a change of ASN's motivation and mindset to serve the citizens. "Make a Professional Life". They also must have entrepreneurial spirit. Do not be deceived by businessmen," he said.

    He also mentioned that today West Java Provincial Government still continues to reform the quality of its civil servants. The plan to establish public service mall is ready to be run considering training place is ready to be operated.

    "West Java ranking is already the highest. Even if you see its future, the training place that we built in Cipageran is adequate. It is strategically located, there is a large hall. So it could load a massive number of people, even other provinces could also use this," he concluded


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