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    Aher was Awarded Golden Pen from Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI)


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, was awarded Golden Pen by Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI). The award was given directly by the Head of PWI, Margiono, at Gedung Sate, Friday (10/3/2017), after administering competency test to Aher by the executive board of PWI, figures, and media.

    The Golden Pen is the highest form of appreciations form PWI that is given to figures or parties who are considered to contribute in improving the quality of the press in Indonesia. This consideration became the reason Aher deserved to be awarded,

    Being awarded the Golden Pen, Aher admitted that he did not expect to get the highest appreciations from PWI.

    "I was so surprised and I didn't expect this. Maybe it's because the development that we do since the beginning and all the government business, we are open to the press," he said.

    "Thank you so much fo the appreciation to get awarded, I hope I can commit to the values of honesty also in media," he added.

    In his competency test, Aher delivered a scientific oration entitled "Tabayyun Journalism" (Jurnalisme Tabayyun) which was adjudged by the 7 panelsits from the Honour Council of PWI and was recommeded to get a cumlaude and finally was awarded the Golden Pen.

    In his oration, Aher aspired to create a healthy press which delivers impartial news, can advocate the citizens, knows their rights and obligations, use soothing language, and can be a good social control.

    "I stated several things that have to be done when we receive informations, we need to check and re-check the truth  of the information," Aher said.

    Aher also stated that the act of verifying information in Qur'an is called Tabayyun. A negative attitude in society when they receive new informations regarding certain people from certain sources, the one that is often clarified is the people. Meanwhile, the one that must be clarified is the news makers.

    Aher said, specifically in social media, people often use sarcasm and hoax deliberately. These matters need to be solved and advocated with the society.

    "For that reason, let us create a professional journalism through Tabayyun journalism or verifying journalism," he said.

    Meanwhile, Head of PWI, Margiono, said that the Governor of West Java deserved to be awarded the highest appreciation of PWI.  According to him, the contribution of Aher in press and organisation is very high.

    "Besides, Mr. Governor also has positive contribution in developing press which is his understanding regarding the values of Islam that is appropriate for journalism," he said.

    He hoped that the thoughts and ideas from the Governor will strengthen the development of national press.

    "That's why Mr. Governor is special, he doesn't only contributed in organisation, but he also has potential in developing the press. This is very important, tat's why he is special," he added.

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